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You're probably asking who is this guy? Well that's me, Stephen Tamlin. The fresh faced business graduate who after graduating a year ago I found that there are literally no jobs, anywhere! With a year of trying under my belt I finally managed to get a job as a 'Social Media and Marketing Trainee'. Which I have to admit I do have very little experience in. This is where the blog comes in. This is it guys, the beginning of my career, and like many graduating I have no idea what the future holds. So I'm going to highlight my life for all you lovely listeners and document what I’m doing to try and make it in this big scary world of ‘business’. If I'm lucky I'll do well and there will be valuable advice for people in the same situation as myself. If I fail miserably then this can be a form of entertainment for people and an example of what not to do is business. Wish me luck guys, and here's to the journey.